Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything…

(George Bernard Shaw)

Meet our Team

Peter G.

Peter G.

Global Paradigm Shift Engineer

Peter G. Paradigm is a prolific international keynote speaker, motivator and change-maker who focuses his energy on helping others take charge of the world around them. A zealous advocate of the concept of the power of thought and positive thinking, PG has personally harnessed the power of his subconscious mind and has spent years expanding his valuable knowledge and developing techniques that he applies to his own very successful life. Peter G. shares this superabundant life with his close-knit, loving family and thanks his caring wife daily (sometimes more than once) for their two beautiful children, who themselves are growing up in a motivated, inspired environment filled with encouragement, love and laughter. Peter G. and his family share a deep wonder of the great outdoors and can often be found appreciating the natural beauty of our incredible continent. Both Peter G.’s appreciation of nature and his determination to succeed is wildly evident in his 64 podium finishes and multiple boat racing competition titles, which include three SA Championships wins, three Trans Agulhas Championship wins and four Trans Atlantic Championship wins. On any given day, Peter G. can be found studiously delving into his vast library of information on personal development and is constantly striving to further his understanding of the mental and neurological workings of the subconscious mind. Peter G.’s passion for helping others reach their own superabundable potential is ostensible in his excitable energy levels and through the exhilarating and entertaining presentations he is renowned for.

Sue-Ellen Jane

Sue-Ellen Jane

Editorial Consultant

Sue-Ellen is Peter G.’s editorial consultant and is the administrator and scribe of the team, penning and putting into words the axioms and constructs that make up PG Paradigm’s teachings. Immersing herself in literature from a very early age, Sue-Ellen is a self-professed “born writer” and wrote her first book, which was for children, at the age of 11. Combining a tertiary education in public relations and many years in research and teaching, it is Sue-Ellen’s ambition to share this love of the written word that has helped formulate the quality course work and world-class publishings of PG Paradigm. Sue-Ellen is a born-and-bred native of the Western Cape and can be found stomping the muddy paths of hiking trails along with her trusty sidekick (a ferociously grumpy chihuahua) or doing yoga under a tree in the closest nature reserve during her spare time. Sue-Ellen has personally assimilated Peter G.’s fun, fulfilling training and is living testimonial of the power of subconscious mind management, having confirmed the hypothesis in her own life. As such, her excited belief in Peter G.’s teachings – based on the unshakeable truth of her own experience – is jubilantly evident in her writing.

Mason Tshabalala

Mason Tshabalala

Visual Artist

Mason is the visual artist of the team and brings vibrant colour to the world of Peter G. Paradigm. Mason has spent his life developing his innate artistic gifts and studied graphic design in Kwazulu-Natal, where he grew up, before migrating south to the majestic mountains of the Helderberg region of the Western Cape. Now in his early thirties and, therefore, the youngest member, Mason joined Team Paradigm in 2018 as a living, breathing, thriving case study of the practical application of Peter G.’s teachings on the power of positive thought. Having taken control of his thoughts and actions through the awareness that Peter G. helped create within himself, Mason grinningly declares his love for life to all ears that will listen and has manifested the superabundant life of his dreams by using the techniques he has learned to use his thoughts to engineer his own, ideal paradigm. Mason applies himself with all his heart to every effort he delivers, both professionally and in his personal life. His integrity, enthusiasm, commendable work ethic and desire to excel is visible in the visuals that make up Peter G.’s work and he is a valuable and cherished asset to the team.

I truly believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe.

(Jim Carrey)

International Keynote Speaker
World Class Subconscious Mind Strategist
Global Paradigm Shift Engineer


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